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This is a resource for those looking to

  • monetize their existing business using affiliate programs.
  • start a side hustle or a full time business.
  • sell more products and/or services.

If you do not know what affiliate marketing is read this article.

Below find the best paying retail affiliate programs that we present on our site. In addition the companies listed below pay out 1% to 100% plus some companies pay out a fixed monetary amount in commissions. Commissions are paid at no extra cost to the consumer. They get the same deals and sales as anyone else.

Third Party Companies

We use Shareasale pretty much exclusively. In addition there are other companies we include for retail affiliate programs served by other third party companies. Furthermore be mindful that the commission amounts and/or percentages may change up or down as of this writing (Aug 2022). In addition the retail affiliate programs programs listed below are worth checking out to monetize your business, to start a side hustle or full time business.

Picking A Retailer

If you are not sure what retailer/s you should pick to monetize your site, simply keep your niche in mind. Try to place retailers that are in your niche or closely related. In addition placing retailers that are not related to your niche will probably only hurt your chances of your visitors taking you seriously. Moreover people come to your site to get specific information. Putting information that is not related will just force them to look elsewhere.

Before You Apply

Do you have to have a website to apply to affiliate program? The simple answer is no. There are people who work mainly in social media and email marketing. However, your chances of being approved by a retailer will greatly increase if you do have a company website.

Do You Have To Have A Company?

Again the short answer is no. You can apply as a “Sole Proprietor”. Some retailers may not approve you if you don’t have a registered company. Moreover there are many retailers will approve you if your business is closely related to the products and services they sell.

What Information Should I Include When Applying?

Make sure you include as much information in your business description as you can. Think about how you will promote their products and/or services. Include that information in your description. You will fill out all of the application forms through Shareasale. Retailers you apply to can view that information and make a decision whether to approve or not.

How To Join Programs

To join any retail affiliate programs below click on the “Join” link. Sign up through Shareasale directly and browse the retailers yourself.


Affiliate opportunities are listed by “category topic” below. A short description and the commission amount or percentage are included. As well you can also check the Best Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs.

Choose your niche with sub niche suggestions.

Affiliate Services

For the affiliate products and services niche. In addition, find programs that cover affiliate link tracking, affiliate data, affiliate conferences to affiliate and merchant services. This category has sub niches of entrepreneur, home business, web sites, domains, one time commissions, recurring commissions, etc.

Air Quality

For the air quality and home comfort niche. Niches in this category would include, air quality, air filters, safe home, health, safety, etc.


Buy and sell online, save on listing and selling fees.

Commissions: 25% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Online automotive parts supplier.

Commissions: 5% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale
Custom auto parts.

Commissions: 5% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Auxbeam Lighting
Automotive lighting.

Commissions: 8% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Automotive solar power accessories.

Commissions: 7% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Car Covers
Car covers for all makes and models.

Commissions: 12% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale
Automotive and motorcycle covers.

Commissions: 10% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Car and Truck Remotes
Remotes for all makes and models.

Commissions: 10% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Safe automotive technology.

Commissions: 10% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Drivers Ed
Driver education services.

Commissions: 20% to 30% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Automotive and marine audio.

Commissions: 1% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Easy Manuals
Auto repair manuals for all modern makes.

Commissions: 1% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Auto glass replacement services.

Commissions: $5 per lead.
Apply Through Shareasale

Hyandai automotive parts.

Commissions: 10% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Electric bicycle sales and accessories.

Commissions: 5.5% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale

Philisn Studio
Automotive detailing.

Commissions: 30% per sale.
Apply Through Shareasale



Books – Magazines – Comics


Body Art

Business – Office Services


Crafts – Jewelry

Customer Service


Decor – Furniture

Digital Media















Hydroponics – Aquaponics


Martial Arts


Multi Product



Online Stores

  • Sellfy..Online ecommerce start a store…25% Per SaleJoin


Paper Crafts


Pest Control



Real Estate

Self Help


Shop Builders

Smart Home

  • Noorio…Smart home solutions…10% Per SaleJoin






Web Development



Affiliate Disclaimer

Clicking on some links on this site could earn us a commission, at no extra cost to you. We use this revenue to maintain this site and help fund our donations to food banks. We would like to thank you in advance.

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